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What is Prediction?

Astrological prediction is a type of celestial interpretation that is offered to remove the uncertainties about the future. It can reveal to us the uncertainties in your love life or your financial situation throughout the year. Prediction can be done to discover things about a person's fate or their characteristics. They can also be done to interpret the important crossroads in a person's future.

Video call

What awaits you in your love life? How about your health? Will you be able to reach your education/career goals? What are the criticial periods of 2024 that will affect you? Set a video call appointment with me to satisfy your curiosity and find the answers to your questions.

Ascendant sign calculation

In the western astrology, ascendant is the sign that is rising on the eastern horizon at the moment of a person's birth. On the natal chart, this sign can be seen on the eastern horizon. Ascendant sign is also the ruler of the first house in astrology.

Sign compatibility

Sign compatibility is a term that refers to the potential of relationships astrologically. To shed light on relationships, the natal charts of the persons in the relationship are prepared, and the aspects of planets, houses and signs to each other are calculated. In this analysis done by astrologists, the potentials of relationships of couples, friends, coworkers or family members are determined. Adversity can be part of the harmony!

Toxic Relationship Analysis

The point that appears on the eastern horizon shows the rising sign. This point in astrology 1. It is the starting line of the house. How the horoscope where the rising is located, how he sees himself and the world, determines how it moves and relationships. In addition, the image and exterior you reflect to the outside gives information about.

Moon Sign Calculation

In astrology, the most important planet after the Sun is the Moon. This planet about emotions; Information about desires, habits and subconscious reactions according to the sign and home where it is located gives. This planet also affects its behavior. You spread in the environments you enter Describes emotional energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Natal charts that are prepared by our experienced astrologers are interpreted uniqely for each user and it contains a detailed character analysis. Thanks to this, you can learn about your strong and weak points, things that have a chance to happen to you, things you need to work on, and the best time for a relationship. In short, the natal chart analyses help you discover yourself and make your decisions accordingly.

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You can contact us at support@astralcoach.desk360.com.

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