Beauty Tips According to Zodiac Signs

Beauty Tips According to Zodiac Signs

27/09/2018, Mert Özoğul

After looking at the title you can ask yourself the following question “How can makeup and signs be interrelated?”. But in general, prejudices give wrong results. Indeed, this fact does not change if you think about beauty tips according to Zodiac signs. Just like your preferences in your love life, career, sports and fashion; astrology has also something to tell you about makeup.


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In our previous post we listed beauty tips according to Zodiac signs for first 6 signs. : Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo. Now it is time for Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Let’s look together to makeup tips according to signs for women found in the houses of Zodiac.


No one has such an elegancy! Mixing her mature mood which is the symbol of harmony and balance from top to bottom, she can become a wonderful woman. As Libra woman knows that she can attract attention with her charming looks, you should prefer tones in makeup that will highlight your eyes. We advise that Libra woman whose life energy never falls is to not forgive eyeliner that will emphasize and give you more impressive looks.

Concerning makeup styles according to signs, champagne color and grey tones are ideal for Libra woman. In the evening feast where you can have the charm, smoke colored grey and black can be a good choice. And one more for beauty tips : A lipstick in chocolate brown color can be enough!

Ideal evening makeup colors for Libra woman are smoked color grey and black.


She has such a passion that she bears upon. Scorpio woman who is very attractive and passionate is an inaccessible utopia for many thanks to her mystery added to her character. Because she succeeds to be attractive everywhere and all the times, she is used to obtain what she desires.

Your eyes are the door of your burning and glowing looks. You can have the appearance you want with the makeup combinations made with red and black colors. As a Scorpio woman, your biggest helpers in this way are eye shadows and eyeliners. As a water sign, you should not forget the alternatives of eye shadows in blue and green colors. What else do you expect if you prefer a lipstick in copper tone or brown for your lips that turn upside down the others when you smile?

The favorite lipstick color for Scorpio woman is brown.


There is no way for you to stop and give a break of one minute, isn’t there? No no, ok, we give up. There is no end to your restless attitude! Because when you think about Sagittarius woman, we immediately remember an adventurous woman who loves taking pleasure from life and is always on the move.

It is obvious that you do not have leisure for makeup within such rush. Let’s allow us to show you the right way. We suggest you to prefer an eyeliner in blue or navy blue color that remembering the sea for eye makeup. You should also use a lipstick in claret red or carmine red color to show everybody your famous self-confidence.

The best helper in makeup for Sagittarius woman is blue eyeliner.


A Capricorn woman is a woman who likes to take firm steps forward to her goals with firm steps and who spreads effort to be always planned. She is selective on social relations and being impeccable in every tasks is her biggest ideal. She has ambitions, but she knows using them in positive way.

As a Capricorn woman who is quite self confident, we suggest you to prefer an eye makeup that will reflect the pure beauty of your face. If you use eye shadow in lavender purple or brown and eyeliner of this color, you can have a good result in eye makeup. Concerning your lips, tile red can be a right option for you.

A lipstick in tile red color is a right choice for Capricorn woman who loves attracting attention to her lips.



Aquarius woman who is open to new experiences and who loves her freedom more than anything, is known to like showing her own style in every aspect. As one of air signs, all blue tones from sky blue to navy blue are ideal to highlight your eyes. You can embellish your cheeks with blush in pink color and can complete your makeup with lilac or pink lipstick. You should not also forget to use lip gloss. If you take into account these tips, you can be the best about beauty tips according to Zodiac signs.

Pink blush makes the difference in makeup of Aquarius woman.


As Pisces woman, you are known as sensible character who deals with every long and difficult journeys in your inner world with sensitivity.

All such features bring a cute and innocent beauty. In general, you have a face with salient cheekbone and frail looking shape. Therefore, it is enough to use a makeup style with soft color to not disturb such naivety.

Lip gloss is essential for Pisces woman.

Eye shadow and eyeliner in light brown color can give more impressive appearance to your melancholic looks. You should prefer peach color for blush selection. Hey, where do you go? Do you think that we have forgotten your lips? A lipstick in beige color is exactly for you. By the way, you should not forget to make benefit from lip gloss.

As you are a water group sign, you should also think that sea green and sea blue can be alternative colors in your makeup. That’s all! It’s easy for you to make benefits from beauty tips according to Zodiac signs.


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