Head Line and Its Meaning For You

Head line in the palm can be defined as wisdom or intelligence line. In palmistry, it occupies the second position in terms of importance. Head line starts at the point between thumb and index finger and generally reaches until the midst of the palm. It is located between heart line and life line. It sometimes goes on through the whole palm and sometimes it can be noticed as a short line in the palm.


What does head line tell us?

Head line reveals a person’s wisdom, belief, attitude, ability of thinking, resistance against the difficulties, character and creativity, as well as memory power and more of the similar issues. Generally, “a deep and thin wisdom line” is considered as a positive thing. If your line is such, you may be really clever.

head line


Now take a look at your head line and comment it by yourself, after finding out which of the features below it has. Don’t worry, head line meaning shows the right way for you.


If the line reaches until lower part of the pinky finger, it is considered as a long head line. You have clear ideas. You are a more comprehensive and respectful person than others, moreover you are very mindful.



If the line reaches until the lower part of ring finger, just as seen on the photo above in Beyonce’s hand. In most of the people’s hand it is like this. This means you are an intelligent and clever person.



If the line reaches until the middle finger, this means you have a short head line. Then you are a slow, calm, a bit careless and indecisive person.



If the line is straight, it means you are a person with analytical and practical skills. You can be successful in maths, commerce, science and technology.



You are polite, tolerant, realistic person and have a strong ability of communication. You can be successful in public relations, social sciences, psychology and literature.


Vertical Down

You possibly have a vivid imagination and you are a creative person. You can be a painter, author or poet. You are an emotional person. Additionally, you may tend to spend too much money when you feel bad mentally.


Divided into lines

If the tip of head line is divided into two lines and there is another branch towards lower direction, it means that you have a strong skill to detect and solve the problems. You can be a good thinker and analyst. If line continues more vertical and longer, these will make your thinking and imaginations skills stronger.


Double-tipped head line

It is not very common. If this happens to you, you have a strong mental skill. You can have different points of view while thinking on a problem. You can be an entrepreneur and successful business person.


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