Chinese astrology signs

Chinese Astrology Signs and Their Characters

30/10/2018, Mert Özoğul

In our previous article we made a good start to the Chinese astrology. We made a summary of its outlines while getting to know this archaic Far East astrological system. Then, we mentioned the life philosophy which depends on the balance criteria, described as Yin Yang. And finally we explained that the Chinese astrology signs are determined by annual periods of time and symbolized by animals.

Now here you can find our article about the main subject; which is about the Chinese astrology signs and their general characteristics. Well I can hear you ask “What is my Chinese astrology sign?” and “What is my sign according to Chinese calendar?”. Then, we will come to the point and introduce you the Chinese astrology signs right away.

Yin Yang symbolizes Chinese life philosophy


Chinese calendar and Chinese astrology signs

Just like the western astrology, the Chinese astrology has 12 signs too. But here we see animals instead of stars and a person’s birth year is essential in determining his/her sign in Chinese calendar. That’s why your birth year can make a great difference, just like your birthday. In this system, in which the ascendant sign isn’t shown in details, Chinese astrology signs are; rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. Additionally, this order is never violated in spite of the annual calculation. All that means is that it is already known which animal, in other words sign, represented/will represent the previous/the following year. According to the information we have, these 12 animals continue with the same cycle in every period of 12 years.

Yin Yang symbolizes Chinese life philosophy

In Chinese calendar, which grounds on the movements of the moon, every single day of the year doesn’t arrive in the same period in the other years, just like it happens in Islamic Calendar. In other words, the process is not like Gregorian Calendar and that’s why the New Year (1st of January) isn’t steady. Each of the animal that symbolizes a Chinese sign is matched with one of 5 elements when its year arrives. Remembering that the cycle is completed in 12 years, element-animal match is equal to a sum of 60 years, which is calculated as 12 x 5. This period means a century according to Chinese calendar. This forms another rotation in addition to year – Chinese sign match.

A Chinese calendar sheet from the Horse Year, 2014.


We shouldn’t forget that Chinese astrology signs and the elements matching them aren’t affected only by birth year. Because, while determining the sign according to the Chinese calendar, we have to link all combinations with month, day and hour of birth. The order of the elements according to Chinese calendar is: Yang Wood, Yin Wood, Yang Fire, Yin Fire, Yang Earth, Yin Earth, Yang Metal, Yin Metal, Yang Water and Yin Water.

The way of interaction between the elements has an impact on the level of harmony and growth between Chinese signs


Chinese astrology signs and their characters

Let’s take a look Chinese signs and their personalities.


Rat (Positive, Earth, Yang)

Well, alright, most of us don’t like this animal. But, there is nothing to do, if the Chinese astrology starts with this animal. On the other hand, according to the Chinese astrology the people from this signs are really hard-working, determent, thrifty and sympathetic. Rats are really selective even though they have extroverted character and they have leadership spirit. They have a changeable and versatile character.


Ox (Negative, Metal, Yin)

Some people use the word “ox” to address uneducated and rude people, but this doesn’t happen in the Chinese astrology. Oxen attach importance to permanence in bilateral relations. They have a strong willpower and they can be described as “calm force” “soft power”. They have a high discipline of working and they approach to events in a solid way. They shine with their loyalty, honesty, sincere and reliable personalities.


Tiger (Positive, Metal, Yang)

Tigers, who are so changeable that they can turn into something else in a second, often experience changes of state. We can say that they are really similar to Gemini. For them, the independence is over the traditions. They take attention with their brave, active and helpful characters.


Rabbit (Negative, Metal, Yin)

Would you like to meet the most intellectual and art-loving sign in the Chinese astrology? Rabbits don’t like arguments at all and always prefer solving problems by dialogue. Taking risk isn’t their thing and they are strong emotionally. Their weakness is getting angry quickly. They are generous and the luckiest one among other signs in the Chinese astrology.


Dragon (Positive, Water, Yang)

I wonder if you most likely carry dragon blood on your veins. Come on, confess it, in fact you are a Targaryen, aren’t you? Leadership and power are united in this Chinese sign. Dragon gives confidence to his/her allies, and fear to his/her enemies and likes high-quality life indeed. Despites being carried away by his/her impulses, in general he/she is a good manager. Thanks to his/her perfect memory, he/she doesn’t forget either favours or evils. I We shouldn’t skip mentioning his/her self-confident personality.


Snake (Negative, Water, Yin)

The origin of their mysterious personality comes from their unlimited imagination. A comfortable life is a must for them. Instead of focusing on the problems, they choose to postpone them. Sexuality is an important part of the life according to them. Their perfectionist approach in love can sometimes lead them into difficult situations. They have an obstinate and energetic character.


Horse (Positive, Wood, Yang)

They called it Horse for some good reason. The people from this sign are used to feel the independence of going at full speed in the life. Despite being very friendly, they can have problems for committing themselves quickly to someone and forgetting that person in the same quick way. The society always loves them for their adventurous, cheerful and generous nature. It would be much better if they didn’t have those flare-ups!


Goat (Negative, Wood, Yin)

Goats are so advanced at empathizing with others that their hearts are full of mercy and goodness. They are emotional, in favour of collaboration with others and loyal. They are very polite and patient. They keep themselves away from uneasiness, being loved is like bread and water for them – they need it in order to keep alive. They always rely on their intuitions.


Monkey (Positive, Fire, Yang)

Monkeys have a fame for their practical intelligence. Their characters full of fun and life energy comes from the child growing in their spirit. Maybe that is the reason why they break taboos and protest preconceived ideas. They attach importance to being fair. Their sense of humour is the most obvious sign of their intelligence.


Rooster (Negative, Fire, Yin)

When it comes to Chinese astrology signs, Rooster is the most outspoken sign. They prefer speak out clearly and straight away what they feel inside. That’s why their plainspokenness brings them problems. Rooster are known for being critical and witty and have a tendency of being too talkative. They carry on their outspoken character in love too. They choose partners who take attention physically.


Dog (Positive, Earth, Yang)

We can call them as “Capricorns of Chinese astrology”, since they establish their life over the base of seriousness. They don’t give their feelings away and prefer to keep other people at bay. They don’t give up the logic in their private life either and don’t let their feelings beat them. They can form friendship that will end until the end thanks to their mature character and sensible attitude. Their reliable personality makes them a foul-weather friend.


Pig (Negative, Earth, Yin)

Although their obstinacy looks like a wall impossible to climb over, you will see they have a big heart when you will get closer. Pigs are very good at living in harmony with other people since they are honest and reliable. They can have a great success in their professional life if jealousy and conservativeness don’t affect them.

Chinese astrology calculator

Chinese calendar doesn’t only take month and day of birth, but also the year of birth as a reference in calculating the sign. So, every detail about your birth is important in calculating your Chinese astrology sign in Chinese calendar.

Aren’t you curious in which period the signs were born? Look at the information below and learn your Chinese sign by finding the time space that matches with your birth.


Rat : 10/02/1948 – 28/01/1949, 28/01/1960 – 14/02/1961 , 14/02/1972 – 02/02/1973, 02/02/1984 – 19/02/1985, 19/02/1996 – 06/02/1997, 06/02/2008 – 26/01/2009, 25/01/2020 – 11/02/2021


Ox : 29/01/1949 – 16/02/1950, 15/02/1961 – 04/02/1962, 03/02/1973 – 22/01/1974, 20/02/1985 – 08/02/1986, 07/02/1997 – 27/01/1998, 27/01/2009 – 14/02/2010, 12/02/2021 – 31/01/2022


Tiger : 17/02/1950 – 05/02/1951, 05/02/1962 – 24/01/1963, 23/01/1974 – 02/02/1975

09/02/1986 – 28/01/1987, 28/01/1998 – 15/02/1999, 15/02/2010 – 02/02/2011, 01/02/2022 – 22/01/2023


Rabbit : 06/02/1951 – 26/01/1952, 25/01/1963 – 12/02/1964, 03/02/1975 – 30/01/1976,

29/01/1987 – 16/02/1988, 16/02/1999 – 04/02/2000, 03/02/2011 – 22/01/2012

23/01/2023 – 10/02/2024


Dragon : 27/01/1952 – 13/02/1953, 13/02/1964 – 01/02/1965, 31/01/1976 – 17/02/1977, 17/02/1988 – 05/02/1989, 05/02/2000 – 24/01/2001, 23/01/2012 – 09/02/2013, 11/02/2024 – 29/01/2025


Snake : 14/02/1953 – 02/02/1954, 02/02/1965 – 20/02/1966, 18/02/1977 – 06/02/1978,

06/02/1989 – 26/01/1990, 25/01/2001 – 12/02/2002, 10/02/2013 – 30/01/2014, 29/01/2025 – 16/02/2026

On this image, which is prepared for children, you can find Chinese astrology signs, elements matching them and Latin astrology all together.


Horse : 03/02/1954 – 23/01/1955, 21/01/1966 – 08/02/1967, 07/02/1978 – 27/01/1979,

27/01/1990 – 14/02/1991, 13/02/2002 – 01/02/2003, 31/01/2014 – 18/02/2015, 17/02/2026 – 05/02/2027


Goat : 24/01/1955 – 11/02/1956, 09/02/1967 – 29/01/1968, 28/01/1979 – 15/02/1980,

15/02/1991 – 03/02/1992, 02/02/2003 – 20/01/2004, 19/02/2015 – 07/02/2016,

06/02/2027 – 25/02/2028


Monkey : 12/01/1956 – 30/01/1957, 30/01/1968 – 16/02/1969, 16/02/1980 -04/02/1981,

04/02/1992 – 22/01/1993, 21/01/2004 – 08/02/2005, 08/02/2016 – 27/01/2017, 26/01/2028 – 12/02/2029


Rooster : 13/02/1945 – 01/02/1946, 31/01/1957 – 17/02/1958, 17/02/1969 – 05/02/1970,

05/02/1981 – 24/01/1982, 23/01/1993 – 09/02/1994, 09/02/2005 – 29/01/2006,

28/01/2017 – 15/02/2018, 13/02/2029 – 01/02/2030


Dog : 02/02/1946 – 21/01/1947, 18/02/1958 – 07/02/1959, 06/02/1970 – 28/01/1971,

25/01/1982 – 12/02/1983, 10/02/1994 – 30/01/1995, 30/01/2006 – 16/02/2007,

16/02/2018 – 04/02/2019, 02/02/2030 – 22/01/2031


Pig : 22/01/1947 – 09/02/1948, 08/02/1959 – 27/01/1960, 27/01/1971 – 14/02/1972,

13/02/1983 – 01/02/1984, 31/01/1995 – 18/02/1996, 17/02/2007 – 05/02/2008, 05/02/2019 – 23/01/2020, 23/01/2031 – 10/02/2032


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