Chinese Astrology Will Make You Stronger

30/10/2018, Mert Özoğul

When it comes to astrology, just like everyone else you may also think everything is connected to starts and the sun. However, is it correct in every condition? If you already know that the astrology may vary depending on the cultural differences, your answer will be “no” for sure.  Chinese astrology, which is the main subject of this article, is an obvious example. So what are you waiting for? Read about Chinese astrology now and take a closer look at how this astrological system functions.


A good point of view to Chinese astrology

We all wonder how the astrology affects our personality and it can prepare us for the future. But did you know that the astrology was divided into categories? Because the astrology doesn’t consist of only the western astrology which is created in Egypt-Mesopotamia-Babylonia triangle. We have to put aside the South American Astrology, created in Inca-Maya-Aztec triangle since we have too little resources about it. At this point, the third greatest astrological culture Chinese Astrology welcomes us.

Chinese astrology

Yin and Yang in Chinese astrology


Yin and Yang : Keeping the life in balance

As known, the Chinese culture places the world over a philosophy of balance. According to this, Yin and Yang provides the harmony on earth. Yin, the symbol of the feminine existence, represents passiveness, winter, softness, night and cold; on the other hand, Yang, the symbol of masculine existence, represents daytime, brightness, heat, aggressiveness, summer and toughness.

Is there anything that takes your attention between these information? There has to be. In fact, we are talking about two opposite existences. Here you see, these two existences have to balance each other in order to keep the life in balance. Yet, according to the archaic Chinese philosophy everything exists with its opposite. Hence, the Chinese astrology signs are affected by this. While some of the signs are located on the side of Yin, the others are located on the side of Yang.

Yin and Yang are the basis of the Chinese Astrology and they are a part of an order and sustainability despite being opposite sides. That is to say; these two terms are completing each other. It is very similar to the fact that the day and the night will follow each other until the end of the world.

What are the differences between the Chinese astrology and Zodiac system?

When two different cultures and geographical areas come into the subject, obviously there will be two different astrological systems. Because different systems are shaped on different infrastructures. We can observe the same on Chinese Astrology which takes its roots from Chinese Calendar. Even though there are 12 signs in the Chinese Astrology too, there are notable differences between two systems. The Chinese Astrology functions according to the movements of the moon, while the western astrology takes Zodiac and ruling planets as a reference. The Chinese Astrology chose only animals to represent each sign and make citations to Cosmos, balance of the nature and philosophy in character analysis.

Of course, time measurement is different in each system too. The Chinese Astrology, while measuring, determines the signs by dividing the time into years according to the Chinese Calendar. The western astrology does the same work according to the months, not years. The astrology of this old civilization of Far East, is deeply connected with five basic Chinese astrology elements on which the Chinese philosophy depends (wood, earth, metal, water and fire). Every element has positive and negative features, which reflects the Yin-Yang balance.


History of Chinese astrology and importance of animal image

In the Chinese Astrology every sign is symbolized by an animal. These are rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig in the right order and the cycle continues in this order constantly. This order, whose root dates back to 2637 BC, continues by periods of 12 years.

A century is equal to 60 years in Chinese Calendar and each year is represented by a sign and an element. Each year is symbolized by an animal and it is matched to one element out of 5 once in every 5 years. So, an era of 60 years is shaped as two sections with double rotation. Here it’s how Chinese astrology calendar works.

In our next article, you will find out what your Chinese sign is according to date and year of birth. Additionally, you will learn what type of personality every animal symbolizes. Our articles about the Chinese astrology and Chinese signs will go on.

Yin Yang

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