Hand Reading and Palmistry Lines

Palm lines form the basis of hand reading with its length, depth or range. Hand reading informs us about our personality and our fate, reaches today from the gypsies in India and is spreading all over the world.

What does hand reading mean?

Palm reading was practiced by witch hunters in medieval times. At that time, by looking at the black spots on the hands of the wanted suspects, they were trying to figure out if they had made a deal with Satan. This type of fortune, which has lost its popularity for a while, revives with the Renaissance.

Hand reading


Which information does Palm Reading lines give us?

Just as the fingerprints of each person are different from each other, so are their hand lines. Reading these lines is a job that requires an art and talent in itself. However, everyone can learn to read these lines by their basic lines. A little bit of information is needed for this. Let’s see where the Palm Reading lines are and gives us tips on what to do.

Life Line:

It is a line starting from the bottom of the thumb and extending towards the wrist. Life represents strength, health, length of life and vitality

Heart Line:

It is a line extending under the fingers, parallel to the fingers. It is interpreted according to the start and end points. Gives us clues about emotion intensity and love life.

Mind Line:

Extends from the bottom of the index finger to the middle of the hand. It expresses our intelligence, behaviour and creativity. It gives information about memory, faith, will and concentration.

Love Line:

Small line or lines just below the little finger. It gives tips about life, marriage and separation.

Destiny Line:

This is a line under the ring finger but not found in everyone. Career means business life and money. Gives clues about the fracture points in our lives.

Sun Line:

It almost falls between the ring finger and the little finger. It begins slightly below the end of the fingers and continues towards the wrist. It is interpreted by looking at how long, short or deep, and read along with the fate line. It expresses talent and reputation. Very few people. It is a great news success story as well as hype.

Health Line:

The Palm Reading lines are different from each other. Most of the health lines differ from place to place and is difficult to read. It is evaluated along with other lines. It is often seen in healthy individuals, although it is often interpreted for important diseases.

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