Palm Lines Shows How Many Children You Will Have

Palmistry is a kind of prophecy that guides us about our character, future, and destiny. Predictions are made by reading some features of the hand and the lines in the palm. So, can we read in palmistry whether we will have any children and if yes, then how many? Of course, palm lines have various allegations about children.

Where are the children lines in palmistry?

The children lines are the upright lines below the base of little finger. To know you will have a child or not, you may look at these lines and the marriage lines. they are at the base of the little finger. If there are small lines extending upward from the love, that is marriage line upwards, it means that the person will have child(ren). Usually this line is more apparent in women, whereas rather unclear in men.

Palm lines

On the other hand, there is a knob at the junction of the middle finger and palm. If this area which is called Saturn hill is developed, will sexually be strong and has a higher chance of having children. If there are small and diagonal, this indicates that the person will have child(ren). However, it doesn’t contain any information about the gender or number of children.

Palm lines also gives some clues about the gender of child(ren)

If the palm lines about the number of children extending upwards from the marriage line is deep and full-width, it indicates a male child; and the thin and short lines indicate girl child.

The number, gender and health of children in palmistry

The palm lines about children extend towards the palm should be counted well. This is a demanding task, and it is difficult to give a definite number.

– If the palm lines of children number is forked at the end, it’s an indication of possible twins.

– Deep and wide lines are signs of boys.

Palm lines


– Thin and narrow lines are signs of girls.

– If the children lines in palmistry are curved and distorted, the children will be physically vulnerable, often they’re going to be sick.

– If there is an island at the end of the children lines, if the lines are dimmed, it means that the healing process will be difficult.

– If there is an island at the beginning of the children lines, it means that children will be weak and becoming ill easily.

– Straight and clear lines will mean that the children will have a solid immune system and a physically strong structure.

According to some commentators, children lines do not only mean to have biological children. It may indicate that the person will have one or more children, whom the person will care, love as his/her own child and undertake to maintain financially.

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