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The Best Houses for Your Zodiac Sign

11/10/2018, Mert Özoğul

On our previous post, we mentioned the most ideal houses for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo. In the second and last part, we will see the best houses for Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.


How can you find the best houses for your sign?

Your location in Zodiac affects your preference which house you will live. Even if you have a completely different style of house in your mind, let’s pay attention to astrology. We are sure that you can find the most proper house for you. Then, let’s have a look!



Libra who establishes the life philosophy on balance, never give up this idea in their domestic life. The houses that do not have a certain dominant style and designed with symmetric lines are godsend for them.

High security residence flats which are located close to city, but isolated as well are just for Libra.

Libra who are used to luxury life and benefit from every facility, can not live under a certain standard. As a Libra, calm and secure residences located in the middle of the city, but also isolated from the noise gathering many facilities all together are good choice for you.



Scorpio who likes to be mysterious and pays attention to privacy, reflects such idea in their house. They are interested in houses having non visible annex rooms, inbuilt wardrobes and hidden compartments. For passionate Scorpio, the dominance of red in their house – especially at bedroom is quite convenient.

The red which is the color of passion is one of the details which is indispensable for Scorpio.

As you are extrovert, you would like to live in a house close to city centre, always lively at every hour of the day, having a big balcony and if possible duplex apartment.



Everybody knows that it is the most moving active sign in Zodiac. You are in move in every minute, your life style is in continuous and permanent dynamism. So much so that the house where you will live should be a place being functional and offering enough place for your freedom.

The houses offering open air possibilities and having conception with modern lines are just for you! Because of your comfort seeking is at the top, luxurious flats or residences can be good alternatives for you. As you are keen on your comfort, you can prefer houses close to public transport vehicles, shopping centers and of course airport you’re your traveler soul.

A house which is not close to sport complex or any other place which don’t provide training possibilities is not a good choice for Sagittarius who attach importance to keep fit.

As a Sagittarius, it is not question to give up from doing regular sport to protect your athletic body. Then, your house should have its own sport complex or should be close to such places. We suggest you to look at new mass housing projects gathering many facilities all together like shopping centre, hospital, school, sport complex.



Success is not a choice for them, even so it can be a one way direction. Yes, got it in one, we speak about Capricorn. It is better for ambitious Capricorn to take firm step forward to reach his/her goals to prefer houses featured with their durability.

Smart houses which put mobile technology to the service of everything can be the best houses for Capricorn.


As a Capricorn, you prefer planning everything and living self-disciplined according to such plan. Considering also your structure easily adaptable to technology, smart houses where you can reach to everything immediately are the best for you. Beside you pay attention to the location of the house as much as the house itself, you also take into account the environment of the house, the parking possibilities and security precautions. A work room? It is an indispensable factor for you, isn’t it?



Now, it’s the turn of Aquarius. It is the most sensitive sign about the freedom. Aquarius draws also attention with his or her live social life. Naturally, a house where they can easily host their guests, where he/she can give a tea party in its garden is very good choice. The best houses for them should be not enclosed with high walls.

A house with veranda is a quite good choice for Aquarius who wants to host their guests in the best.

As they have a creative and intellectual character, it is important to have a space giving inspiration for artistic works or they can use as a lecture room. Because of you’re open to new experiences, it will not be difficult for you to live in burgeoning areas of the city. Hence, you can live in a house not far from the city, but isolated from chaos.



Pisces sign is inclined to melancholy and is daydreamer but it is also warm-hearted, merciful and romantic. At the same time, a waterside house can be awesome for Pisces, as a water sign.

A lake dwelling can be a perfect living space for Pisces which is a water sign.

As a Pisces, you are known with modest and sensitive character. Everybody also knows your imagination. The best houses for you can be a lake dwelling, a sea view house or a villa with pool. These places can give you inspiration when you want to have a daydream. By the way, you should pay attention to have a spacious bathroom when you choose your house.

If you think that astrology guides you only about the best houses in which you’ll live, you are wrong. For example, do you know how does your sign affect your shoes style? You can immediately reach to necessary informations by reading our post in this regard.


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