Palmistry : How to Read Palm Lines?

The lines in the palm of the hand are the basis of palmistry. Our fingers, hands, palms and wrists provide us some tips on our lives, that is on our faith. This type of fortunetelling is applied with different variations in the completely different parts of the world in accordance with the relevant cultures. But it is most common in the cultures of India, Tibet, China, Iran, Palestine and Babylon.

What does palmistry tell us?

Palmistry is the practice of analyzing one’s character and future life by reading the lines in his/her palm. People often tend to look forward with hope to the future, but still they may find it hard in managing their lives and need some signs supporting them. But first of all they should know themselves. That’s where hand lines come into play. No doubt that a person who knows his/her strengths and weaknesses will be more conscious when arranging his/her life.

Technique of Palmistry

Palmistry is particularly a branch practiced by Gypsies and oculists. In some traditions, the fingernails, fingerprints, skin texture, color of the hand, shape of the palm or even the flexibility of the hand may be the subject of fortunetelling. The palmister usually focuses on the dominant hand of the person. In some cultures, the other hand is believed to host the information on the family life, past life or hereditary characteristics.

What are the lines in your hand?

There are three main lines in one hand.

Life Line: It shows the general physical health vitality and general prosperity. This line is also thought to reflect major changes like disasters, physical injuries. But the size of this line is not perceived as “a long life to live”.

Intelligence (Head) Line: It represents the individual’s intelligence level, mental working style, character, learning capacity, communication character and intellectual prone.

Heart line: It shows the person’s relationship with love and strength of charm. This line represents the emotional life. It shows itself more dominantly by the musicians, writers and artists. Heart health, passion for adrenalin and on his/her love life are shown in the heart line.

Other Lines, considered as secondary in palmistry

Fate line: It provides information on the person’s education and career life.

Sun (Apollo) Line: It carries signs of the level of success and whether the individual will be a socially prominent person.

What are shapes of the hand?

Water (long fingers, a rectangular palm)

Air (long fingers, a square palm)

Fire (short fingers, a rectangular palm)

Soil (short fingers, a square palm)

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